New Delhi / Team Digital. In support of the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens on Thursday, the miscreants pelted stones at the Lohardaga in Jharkhand (Jharkhand) on Thursday by the World Hindu Council There was a rampage of violence in the city. The procession was taken out by the members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. <! –

                 After the violence erupted after which Section 144 has been imposed in Lohardaga city.

A large number of people were badly injured in stone pelting
In fact, strict security arrangements were made in the procession. Meanwhile, the miscreants spoiled the atmosphere. The mosque suddenly started throwing stones at the people involved in the procession. A large number of people were badly injured in stone pelting. When there was chaos, the miscreants started arson on the road and started burning vehicles and shops.

The miscreants also targeted police vehicles. With this S.P. Many police personnel were also injured, including Priyadarshi Alok. Police imposed curfew in the city as a precautionary measure.

Despite the curfew, the miscreants continued to attack
According to the information, the situation even became such that despite the imposition of curfew, the miscreants continued to attack. In the city where there was no police presence, the miscreants started looting shops on that side, vandalizing shops and setting fire. The fire engulfed the house, including the entire shop, after a house was set on fire.

The road was filled with brick and stones, broken chairs and scattered luggage
The miscreants broke the shutters of closed shops and set fire to goods on the road, broke the glass of several cars and set fire to several vehicles. People fled in panic to save their lives. The road was filled with brick-stones, broken chairs and scattered items.
A policeman said that the attackers started throwing stones at the mosque. Several police vehicles were also damaged by miscreants. SDO after violence spread Jyoti Kumari Jha announced to introduce curfew in the city.

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