Kaladadhi of Lockdown 4 started on 19 May. The government has relaxed some of the rules in Lockdown 4. One of them was the ticket booking facility. Many passengers were to go to their villages during the lockdown, but the government stopped the ticket booking facility. So people faced many problems, some workers were going to their village on foot. <! –

                 The Indian Railway Government had started the online booking facility. But, still many people were facing problems.

In this, Indian Railways has given great relief to the people in Lockdown 4 due to Corona virus epidemic. The Indian Railways and Counter-ticket booking facilities were stopped by the government due to Corona virus infection. Now some Indian Railways have been started. Therefore, people do not face much trouble, so the government has started booking tickets online as well as from the railway counter.

This rule of lockdown 4 has started today. The zonal railways will be responsible for following the rules of social distancing among people during the booking of tickets. Therefore, zonal railways have decided to follow social distressing by making some rules instead of counters. Indian Railways has announced to run 200 trains in addition to such special and labor special trains. This train will start from June 1 and bookings for these trains are to start from Thursday. However, no passenger has been allowed by the Railways to travel in these trains without confirming the ticket.

Many passengers have been relieved by this decision of Indian Railways. Passengers can now make reservations through the counter to reserve their place in the railway. In such a situation, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that, 'online people had a problem for booking tickets. But, now common people can get their tickets booked from the railway counter very soon. For this, the Indian Railways Department is making all arrangements for the safety of its team. Once all these arrangements are completed correctly, the ticket counter will be opened for the common people.

The Railway Department has introduced the facility of ticket booking for the common people, fulfilling all the security arrangements. This facility has provided relief for passengers in Lockdown 4.


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