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Nagda. The memorandum was given to the Sub-Divisional Officer in the name of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Wheat of all registered farmers should be purchased and for this, the government should extend the time period for wheat procurement up to 15 years.

The farmers have produced a lot of wheat through their untiring efforts. <! –

                 There is a demand from the government that the farmers should buy wheat on mandis at the support price so that the wheat is not sold in the mandis. Sir is requested to increase the transaction and maintenance period of Cooperative and Nationalized Bank's KCC from 31st May to 30th June.

The current wheat purchase is 31 May. The last date for agricultural loans should be June 30. After weighing wheat, money is not coming in the bank account of farmers for twenty to twenty five days. Indian Farmers Association Tehsil Nagda demands that the said problem be resolved soon.

Requesters – Uday Singh Azna, Nagu Sing Tehsil President, Yashwant Arya, Jeevan Singh, Dharmendra etc. were present.


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