Today, most countries of the world including India are under the grip of Corona virus. 100 countries of the world have started searching for the drug of Corona virus, but so far no country has achieved any successful success. In such a situation, doctors are telling people that you should increase immunity power so that your body can fight against disease. India is said that Amla is a mine of many qualities. It is the perfect medicine for many diseases. Let us tell you that there is plenty of Amla sauce in our place. In the form of pudding and jam.

The importance of Aavla has also been told in the Aayurveda. <! –

                 Eating Amla increases the internal energy of the body. Chemical elements are found in Amla, which gives long life. Ramvana is a treatment for eyes and hair. Amla is also the best medicine in cough. You should consume it three times a day with cow's milk. Along with that, taking it with honey in fast cough provides quick relief.

Yoga pracharak Sarvodaya Brahmachari said that the Amla tree has great importance from the Sannat religion. People still worship this tree. It is said that by sitting in the shade of this tree, man gets peace and peace. Amla fruit gives ability to fight many diseases. Amla prevents physical degradation. Amla has the highest vitamin C content. Anyway, every person should definitely consume Amla in any form. Amla de Pandu Blood borne anorexia Tridosha Asthma cough Breathing disease Constipation 6 Chest disease Heart disease Urinary disorder and other diseases are effective in removing diseases.


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