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  • Who will tell why the great aluminum plant Hindalco Bargawan has not been locked down?
  • After all, responsible district government – why the administration was so kind to Hindalco, why Hindalco was not locked down

In view of the seriousness of the corona virus, which took the form of a great depression, the Prime Minister of the country was addressing the country and called for a lock-down in the country. In which, apart from mere medical, foodstuff, and electricity production, all the products were made. No one was ordered to move out of their homes. Despite this, with the connivance of the district government-administration, Hindalco should not stop the production of its company, who will tell it right? After all, how will the lives of naive laborers be so cheap, who will tell them?

Where in every corner of the country, if a poor person comes out of the house, then the police administration has been sent to kill him and send him inside the house. In Hindalco, why are his workers not stopped from going inside the company with the help of shippet bus? After all, despite the issuance of Emergency in the country by the Prime Minister of the country, due to the dictation of the Hindalco Company and the Singrauli District Government – Administration, who is responsible for the messing up of the lives of the workers of the area, who will tell?

If Hindalco's dictatorship is enough in the area, the big wanton corona virus, then who will be responsible for it?


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