Demonstration experiments on the new Tokyo point system "Tokyo Your Coin" have started on January 9th. Until February 28, what will be implemented is an office type for office workers and visitors. Coins can be earned at companies and stores in the Daimaru Yu area, which consists of the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho areas around Chiyoda-ku near Tokyo Station.

The editorial department is located in Kanda, adjacent to Otemachi. I went a little further and participated in a demonstration experiment of "Tokyo Your Coin [Office Type]". In this experiment, when you visit the site, you can get coins that can be exchanged for nanaco, T point, and Ponta for 1000 yen as a new registration privilege, so it is quite profitable. You can get coins up to 7,500 yen. In this article, I would like to introduce Tokyo Your Coin as an experience report.

The Tokyo Your Coin mechanism allows Tokyo to issue coins when users make social and economic contributions to Tokyo and contribute to the promotion of the United Nations-defined Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]. . This coin is equivalent to 1 coin = 1 yen, and can be used to exchange various points and pay at stores. There are four basic ways to earn coins in this experiment, depending on the theme of the SDGs.

  • Time difference Biz: 200 coins ~
    Earn by using a cafe early in the morning by 8:00 at Starbucks in the area
  • Bring your own tumbler: 100 coins
    Earn by bringing your own tumbler when ordering coffee at Starbucks or Lawson etc.
  • Refuse shopping bag: 50 coins ~
    Earn when shopping bags are refused at target stores such as convenience stores in the region
  • Eco-lunch container collection: 400 coins
    Earned by bringing eco-lunch container to designated collection location

If you complete two or more of these, you will receive a bonus and receive an additional 1000 coins. You can pick it up at the support desk located next to the reception desk of 3×3 Lab Future on the 1st floor of Otemon Tower / JX Building in Otemachi. In addition, the support desk also distributes 1000 coins as a new registration privilege.

There are various ways to earn coins, but here are some efficient routes. As a preparation, first install the Tokyo Your Coin [Office type] app on your smartphone. After completing the new registration, take your tumbler and eco bag to the Daimaru Yu area.

First, head to the store. You can use any of the target stores, but Lawson or Starbucks in the early morning can achieve two items at the same time, so it is efficient.

For example, if you buy coffee at Lawson at the JP Tower Marunouchi Yorozu store with your own tumbler and purchase tea confectionery without a shopping bag, you can earn 150 coins. Visit the support desk with this and show the achievement stamp of the above two points, you will get another 1000 coins. In addition, if you receive a new registration bonus of 1000 coins, you will receive a total of 2150 yen coins. Eco is wonderful.

Tokyo Your Coin can be exchanged for Ponta, nanaco, and T points as described above, but it takes one to two weeks to reflect. For example, if you exchange for T points, you can also exchange for Bitcoin through the virtual currency exchange bitFlyer. In addition, Tokyo Yuakoin can be directly donated to the "Eco-Knot," a fund that supports SDG activities, and coins can be used directly at specific stores in the Daimaru Yu area. Please check the official website for coin-operated stores.

The demonstration test of Tokyo Your Coin [office version] is led by Mitsubishi Research Institute, and will be conducted until February 28 at the maximum. The total number of issuance in the experiment is set at 25 million coins, and if the limit is reached, the experiment may be terminated early. In addition, the maximum number of coins that can be obtained by one person is limited to 7,500 coins.

After the experiment is completed, a questionnaire will be given to the experiment participants, and by March 2020, the future image will be examined, including the effects of the experiment and arrangement of issues.


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