On January 27, BlockPunk began selling "smart goods" that use genuine non-substitutable tokens [NFTs] to prove genuine products. Top 10 illustrators of GIKUTAS, an illustration ordering service operated by Searchfield, will cooperate to sell print art and print T-shirts with NFC chips and QR codes.

In commemoration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, each illustrator will draw original illustrations on the theme of sports. The illustration is made into goods and sold for domestic and overseas use. Each product is linked to a token on the blockchain using an NFC chip or QR code, and is proved to be genuine by a digital certificate.

Top illustrators registered with GIKUTAS will cooperate in this project. Mr. Chobola Unyopami, famous for the animated masterpiece "Aimai Mie", REC, Yaya Hiyaka, Ms. Karuki Mura, Ayu, Mitsuki Yono, Kiyamachi, Yoshioka , 81 and Edo. Each theme is a combination of different sports and mottoes [inspiration, leap, etc.], and original illustrations are drawn for planning.

Reception of reservations has started for each product on the marketplace provided by Blockpunk. All orders are sold and the order period is until April 25. Shipments will begin in early March.

The "Production FC Shirt" with original illustrations printed on the shirt is 9900 yen including tax, and sizes from S to XL are available. "Smart Art Print", printed by Dai Nippon Printing [DNP] using high-definition output technology, costs 35,000 yen including tax for the A3 version.

Each product will have its design confirmed on the block punk sales site, and will be exhibited at DNP Plaza in Ichigaya, Tokyo, operated by DNP, from January 31 to February 3. At the exhibition, digital certificates can be confirmed using the NFC chip and QR code attached to the product.


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