Cloves are used to enhance the taste and aroma of spices. You must have heard about the benefits of this. We make many mistakes in our everyday life due to irregular eating and wrong living, which have to face health problems. But taking medicine for every kind of problem is also not good. There are many such things in the kitchen of our house, which are beneficial for many problems. One of these cloves is also there.

* Clove is very beneficial in the problem of cold and cold

Due to changes in living conditions, many times there is a problem of colds. <! –

                 In this case, consuming cloves can be very beneficial. Keep a clove in the mouth in case of a sore throat or cold-cold. The problem of gas in the wrong catering and runaway life has become common nowadays. But for this, daily drug use is not right. This can be very harmful for health. In such a problem clove acts as a beneficial medicine. To get rid of constipation and gas problem, drinking a few drops of clove oil in 1 glass of water on an empty stomach daily in the morning provides great relief.

* The beauty of the face can be increased by the use of cloves

Clove is also very beneficial in improving the beauty of the face. Cloves can be beneficial if you have dark circles or spots on your face. You can mix clove powder with gram flour or a facepack and apply it on the face. Yes, make sure that you do not apply clove powder directly on the face. Its effect is very hot due to which you may get irritation problem. Taking cloves in the morning daily for 40 to 45 days can eliminate toothache and bad smell of the mouth forever.


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