Today, the whole world is aware of the corona virus, many people have fallen prey to this virus, many thousands of people have died due to this virus, more than 300000 people have been infected due to this virus, this virus Scaring people all over the world, it is also right to fear people, because this virus can spread to any person and any person can get infected by it, science and medical team together Studying, but it is yet no cure was found and that is the main reason why people are afraid of this virus | The government has also forbidden people to leave the house, for this, lock-down and curfew are all over India, due to this virus there is no cure for this disease and no vaccine has been made so far. To avoid this, experts believe that wash hands frequently and are keeping distance from the infected person, if you want to avoid this virus, then tell you just express this virus sick person After coming into contact with a person, it takes a macabre form, although this virus can make anyone a victim, it is very difficult to protect yourself from this serious disease, if your body's immunity is weak then This virus can make you a victim, if you fall sick again and again, you need to take special precautions.

According to research on coronavirus, it has been found out that this dangerous virus is spreading through congestion breathing and contact with another person, if you also want to avoid this virus, then stay at home and eat green vegetables and immunity Increase the |

If you do not take precautions while staying at home, then this virus can happen to you, in this case you should avoid shaking hands with people at home, if doing any work, immediately wash hands with soap and avoid clipping nails, if you If you come in contact with something or someone, immediately wash your hands with sanitizer and clean water, this is the only way you can keep away from this virus.


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