CUSTOM – The recently announced that Turkey would open the office Blockcha's PR company EAK Digital's founder and CEO Erhan Korhalil are brought answered our questions.

EAK Digital Week is also a time Blockcha Istanbul and was preparing to carry out the activities of Turkey's largest Blockcha ıstanblock from 2020. All preparations were almost completed and the event would be launched in the first week of April, but the coronavirus outbreak changed the picture. This event, which will host many important names from around the world, has been postponed to a later date.

However, Korhaliller and EAK Digital are now facing another remarkable organization that matches the nature of the current state: BlockDown.

Korhaliller, as EAK Digital, touched on many topics from Blockchain field to BlockDown.

“We are about to take a big step with BlockDown”

CyclicMint: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what kind of activities you do as EAK Digital in the field of Blockchain?

Korhalil are: EAK Digital is Blockchain public relations consulting company. We work with companies that have signatures in many projects around the world. We have partners like NEO and We are now slowly entering the organization sector. You have already seen this at Istanbul Blockchain Week. Now we are about to take a big step with the BlockDown conference.

“We all expect that big project”

Uzmanco's: Next time you logged on to the market before Turkey. What you want to do in Turkey? Are there any missing areas you see, what are they?

Korhalil are: We are also very excited about the Turkish market. I also know that I have a Turkish past. Therefore, I have a different sense of excitement and responsibility in this regard. Currently the Rights to open an office in Turkey Bey and here we also plan to continue our expansion. I want to contribute to the growth of the Turkish market. I can really say that I am more excited about this. "What's missing?" As for the question, it is very clear. Not only in Turkey, a Middle East conference in all worldwide quality and all of us proud to be heard. We wanted to do that. We want to show that Turkey's potential to the world. I am sure we will do this when we get rid of coronavirus as a whole world. We can talk about one last missing thing. In fact, we can talk about another shortcoming. It is a Turkish project that the world knows and respects. AV Labs, and we know that for sure Sirera day and hopefully it will be very successful, but we are expecting big project will come from Turkey. Of course I say 'a project' but it would be nice if there are 10. For example, imagine that a large blockchain capital flows to Istanbul, which is the center in this sense. Universities, educational institutions, perhaps a Turkish ecosystem with great players. I think all this will only be a matter of time when you do good work. As EAK Digital, we want to be at the heart of all this.

"Turkey is a terrific chance"

The Uzmanco: Blockcha many large companies in the area have started to invest in Turkey. They are opening offices here, perhaps taking their steps to Europe from here. What do you think about this great interest?

Korhalil are: In fact, Turkey market continues to become amazing and interesting for foreign companies. As an example, the stock market drop in the number of volumes from Turkey always high. As far as I understand it, and in exchange, such as Binani okex Turkey Ranks # 3 ranking in volume. This is information that I have received from inside. Actually, my thoughts began to develop with Turkey about 1 year ago I became interested in you research before and more and more. My friends who know me and my Turkish roots business started to ask me questions constantly, they'd make Turkey. "How can we enter the Turkish market, you know!" they said. Thus, I have further increased my research as a PR agency owner. Later, the Turkish state and its government were also interested in blockchain technology. We saw. We understand that infrastructures are supported and prepared. Actually, when the green light is really Blockcha technology in the country, and large companies that period was agreed at that time they decided to invest in Turkey. This means that Turkey is a country that already friendly to small investors. It also attracted international users and customers. International companies have started to come rapidly in recent years but I still think it was the beginning of the work, even with all this interest in Turkey. This is a great opportunity for all companies. For Exchanges, a great chance for Turkey that money and custody services. In fact, we wanted to offer this great opportunity to international companies and help them enter this market with Istanbul Blockchain Week. We must say that education is also very important. There are many characters in the cryptocurrency world that are not known. In fact, these companies can deal with people with the right morals in this sense and direct the crowds in order to increase mass adoption in the countries they visit. They can show them what to do in the industry or not. As I said a little while ago, environments like the conferences we organize will also educate people more.

“It will be a very fun and very informative environment in BlockDown”

CyclicMint: You gave really good and satisfying answers. Let's talk a little bit about BlockDown. How did the idea of ​​BlockDown come about? What is the story?

Korhalil are: In fact, we were planning a very nice conference in Istanbul and we are very sorry to have to postpone it. Here we all understood how serious the situation is. This is a very bad epidemic. It's a very serious situation. Because of the curfews in 1-2 months ahead of us, people will be very lonely and somehow will want to communicate with each other in this loneliness, where there are financial problems and perhaps health problems. Here we will organize a conference that everyone can attend. England will not notice you're in Europe or Turkey. People will meet at the same time at the same place. You will be able to meet new people and get rid of this epidemic, albeit less, and think about your future goals. Of course we will have some fun. While there is a curfew, we plan to hold these conferences virtually every month. There will be colorful images everywhere in the conference, world-famous speakers or famous names. For example, the famous rapper Akon will also be. Roger Ver will come. We really want the attendees to have a good time. We have some very interesting ideas that people will love. We are preparing a virtual 3D network environment. This has never been done before in crypto money conferences or elsewhere. You will be able to create your own avatar or how to say your Sims character and participate in discussions around round tables. I did this and it is really enjoyable. There will be vivid illustrations. For example, let's say Akon speaks. People will see a very nice illustration and drawing of Akon while talking, and this conversation will be shared on social media as soon as the conversation ends. It will be a very fun, very informative environment. Of course, if we can take the East in this conference next to the Western world. For example, if China and Asia attend, it will be a very strong conference and we will be a company that has connected the world. We expect everyone to join us on April 16-17.

The Uzmanco: Did Conference will be names from Turkey?

Korhalil are: Emin Gün will be Sirer. There will be other Turkish names, and we will announce them in the future. Since we think of carrying the Turkish flag in this sense, there will definitely be Turkish speakers.

CyclicMint: Where can people learn about your developments?

Korhalil are: We have website. We also have a website called EAK and we also plan to translate it completely into Turkish. We already have a BlockDown Telegram group.

“Bitcoin is currently a guarantee”

CyclicMint: As a final question, I want to ask Blockchain and Bitcoin. You don't have to make a price prediction, but where do you see these two terms in the next 2, 5 or 10 years? Specifically, it is stated that the world is about to enter a new order at the moment, is this correct and where will Bitcoin and Blockchain be in this?

Korhalil are: This is a very interesting and good question. Thank you for that. As we have seen in the past few weeks and months, Bitcoin has moved in line with other falling values. We were all surprised, actually. I think after that, first, the digital coins of the central banks will enter the crypto world and will enter quickly. As an example, if I find $ 20 on the floor right now, I doubt whether I will get it or not. This shows us that digital money of central banks will enter our lives in a short time. Bitcoin is an assurance right now. There was no such thing as digital money 10 years ago. Looking at this, the progress is great. It is not easy to specify a time frame, but in the coming period, maybe 3 or maybe 5 years later, Bitcoin will be a great alternative to fiat currencies. When I say alternative, it is not like now. If you don't trust the banks and people see the developments, it can be a 50-50 percent alternative. Because they can start following us. They can see our health from the outside. They can have our smallest details. This is not a good thing. I think that those who care about privacy and those who do not want their information to be in others will choose this way.

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