The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA] announced on January 15 that it has launched the official Ethereum testnet "EEA Testnet". Designed in partnership with one of its member companies, Whiteblock, the service provides a free test environment for large-scale networks for EEA members.

"EEA Testnet" uses Whiteblock Genesis, a blockchain platform developed by Whiteblock. The open experimental environment will be operated 24 hours a day under the EEA. By using "EEA Testnet" as a sandbox, EEA member companies will be able to conduct product operation tests in a production environment-aware test environment before preparing their own network.

The EEA states that testnets can verify fault tolerance, security, network load, disaster recovery, and more. Accumulating knowledge, such as fault-tolerant design, will be accelerated by conducting verification in an environment with certain standards, rather than conducting verification individually by member companies. The launch of the testnet aims to accelerate the development of the entire EEA business community.


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