Lord Ganesha has been called Vidhanharta so he is worshiped first so that any kind of Vidhan does not come in the auspicious work. Durva grass is definitely offered in the worship of Lord Ganesha. Let's know why Lord Ganesha is offering grass to grass. What is the story behind this?

Lord Ganesha had a burning sensation in his stomach due to swallowing Anlasur. <! –

To soothe their jealousy, the sages gave them grass to eat. On eating this, the burning sensation of Lord Ganesha's stomach subsided. Since then, he was offered durva in the worship of Lord Ganesha.

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By offering durva in worship and worship of Lord Ganesha, all kinds of happiness and wealth are increased. In worship, the pair of Durva is made and offered to God.

According to the legend, there used to be a monster named Anlasur. Analasur's terror was spread all around. All the gods and goddesses were greatly disturbed by the terror of this monster.

No gods were able to kill this monster. Then all the gods, stricken by the terror of Anlasur, went to the shelter of Lord Ganesha. Then Lord Ganesha swallowed Anlasur.


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