Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh).
In Kanpur, UP, a young woman died by consuming poison before the engagement. According to the information, the woman feared that she might not be considered as a bad omen. The woman was admitted to the hospital in critical condition after consuming poison, where she died on Monday.

What is the whole matter
Komal (25), daughter of Rambabu, a farmer from Shahnadpur, Unnao, had an engagement with Pappu, a resident of the new inn of Unnao, on 22 December. Rambabu completed all preparations for the engagement. Which also cost a lot. Meanwhile, on Sunday, January 12, Pappu was seriously injured in a road accident.

Because of this, the girl embraced death
According to the information, upon receiving the news of her husband's accident, she was in a mild shock. Some in-laws do not break the engagement by considering him as a bad omen. However, the father explained quite a lot about this to the daughter. But on Sunday night she went to the room on the pretext of sleeping and ate the poison. After being referred from Unnao, he was admitted to Kanpur Halat Hospital, where he succumbed in the early hours of Monday.


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