New Delhi / Team Digital. In the Delhi Assembly elections 2020, the manner in which the BJP has thrown out the Akali Dal like hair in butter, has made the Akali Dal very sad. Sources are quoting that to avenge this, Akli is now preparing to defeat BJP. <! –


To save himself from this misery, the leaders of the Akali Dal's Delhi and Punjab unit, C.A.A. People are trying to hide their tears by telling people to withdraw from elections in the name of, but if the Akali sources of Delhi believe that the way the BJP has watered down the dreams of the Akali Dal leaders, the Akali Dal leaders There is heavy anger in me.

Now during the elections, all these Akali leaders are busy preparing a plan for revenge from BJP. Due to this, will the Akali Dal teach a lesson to the BJP and support AAP?

Akali Dal leaders will pay votes in favor of AAP
A senior Akali Dal leader said that the high command of the Akali Dal has given a secret meeting and instructed the leaders of its Delhi unit that the way BJP has insulted the Akali Dal first in Haryana and then Delhi, Is unbearable. Last year too, the BJP gave a shock to the Akali Dal by including the only Akali Dal MLA in its party in Haryana. This time the Akali Dal was demanding 8 seats in Delhi instead of 4, but the BJP, going two steps ahead, also refused to give 4 seats to the Akali Dal, which the Akali Dal would not back down in revenge.

According to the information, some leaders of the Akali Dal high command have met some big leaders of the AAP party, in which it has been decided that in the Delhi Assembly elections, the Akali Dal leaders can shift their vote bank 'AAP' account and Only in those seats where BJP has fielded Sikh candidates will the Sikh vote bank be distributed.

Why the Akalis did not enter the ground on their own: BJP
A prominent BJP leader from Delhi said that the Akali Dal had no vote bank in Delhi. The Akali Dal's vote bank was also reduced in the lone Sirsa seat. Cid According to the report, the Akali Dal was going to lose all four seats, so the BJP had to take this step. The said BJP leader said that the Akali Dal had CAA to save its credibility. Found an excuse for this and left a new shagufa in front of the public. If the Akali Dal had the same strength then why not field your candidates on your election trail. It is clear from this that the Akali Dal knew that it was not about their bus to contest elections in Delhi.

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