New Delhi / Team Digital. In order to avoid the havoc of Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra modi) has announced the lock down till April 14, so that people do not face any kind of trouble during this lock down. Common necessary items will be made available. <! –

                 At the same time, under this, the Delhi government has taken some measures in which passes are being issued to people connected with other essential services during lock down.

Apply for quick pass
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal told the press conference that the supply of milk, medicines, vegetables, ration and grocery will not be stopped. Apart from all these, he said that factories where mandatory goods are produced will also not be closed. CM Kejriwal said that people associated with these factories can apply for the pass. Let me tell you, if you are connected to all these, then you should get this pass done as soon as possible so that you can get ease of functioning and you Police can stop the bus

Please tell that you have to apply to make this pass. Let us tell you how you can apply for this pass. If you need a pass, then you call the helpline number 1031 for this in every district of Delhi. Helpline number has been issued.

When your contact is done, you will be asked some important information, you will be issued a pass only on the information given by you. For this, you do not need to go out somewhere, when your pass is made, it will be delivered to you through WhatsApp.

It is also allowed to go out of the city through the nearby bus
According to the instructions of the Health Department of the Government of Delhi, if the people connected with all the essential services are allowed to pass, then the movement inside Delhi will be allowed to go outside Delhi for the necessary reasons. This pass can be issued only by the DM, Divisional Commissioner, Head of the DDC related department or any gazetted officer authorized on their behalf.

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