The fear of corona virus is increasing all over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has described it as a greater threat than terrorism. Millions of people in China are infected with this virus and are admitted to hospitals. Nearly a thousand people have died, while the exact figures are not available. The virus is also spreading in other countries of the world. <! –

                 The most worrying thing is that no effective cure has yet been found to overcome this infection. Health scientists around the world are looking for an effective vaccine for the corona virus. However, in the meantime a strange incident occurred in Singapore. A couple had to get their wedding done via live streaming, as relatives and friends refused to attend the wedding ceremony.

Recently Hunan went to couple
The couple, who was to be married, went to Hunan Province, China on January 24. The bride's family stays there. Close to Hunan is Hubei, where the corona virus first spread in the city of Wuhan. The people most affected by the virus are still in Wuhan.

Corona is also spread in Singapore
Due to the spread of Corona virus in Singapore too, great care is being taken. So far, 28 cases of corona virus have been reported in Singapore. Singapore has currently banned the movement of people to China and has decided to cancel all flights to China for some time.

The wedding was to be held on February 2
The couple was to be married in Singapore on February 2, for which their family had booked the hotel. He had made all arrangements for the stay and reception of the guests. The couple returned from China on 30 January. After this, he underwent medical examination. After examining, the doctors did not find the infection of Korana virus in them, but they were told not to come in contact with anyone for 14 days. The wedding was also to be held in the meantime. Now people got confused. The guests also refused to attend the wedding ceremony, but for some reasons it was not possible to cancel the wedding.

Wedding via Live Streaming
Finally, the couple and their family members decided to organize the wedding through live streaming. Wedding rituals were performed in the hotel room and guests and relatives on the wedding venue witnessed this through live streaming. The bride and groom also greeted everyone through live streaming and took blessings from the elders. It is said that 110 out of 190 invited guests came there. In this way the bride and groom got married without coming in contact with any guest.


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