Companies are engaged in research and development work for the discovery of Kovid-19 vaccine. Some companies may produce the vaccine by the end of this year and some by February. Raghavan said that there are 4 types of vaccines being prepared in the country.

MRA vaccine is being made in the first method. It is prepared by taking the genetic material of the virus. In another way, the standard vaccine is being made. A weak version of the virus is taken in it, it spreads, but it does not cause disease.
In the third way, they make a vaccine by applying the protein coding region of the virus that infects the backbone of another virus. In the fourth way, the proteins of the virus are prepared in the lab and applied with other stimulus. <! –


Four types of vaccines are being prepared keeping in mind the changes in the nature of the virus in different geographical conditions or environments. Regarding vaccine research, Raghavan said that three ways of work are being done to manufacture the vaccine. First we are trying ourselves. Secondly we are working with outside companies and thirdly we are leading and people from outside are working with us.

Vaccination of BCG increases immunity: Dr. V.K., health member of Paul Niti Aayog. Giving information about the efforts of the government and the progress of vaccine and drug discovery in the war on Kovid-19, Paul said on Thursday that the Indian pharmaceutical industry is called 'World of Pharmacy'. Because most of the vaccines used worldwide are manufactured here.

He said at the World Health Organization (WHO) ban on the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), health workers infected and cared for by Kovid-19 are using it. They have benefited from the consumption of HCQ. This medicine is still being given in the country. Because we have found in the investigation that its use is safe.

Dr. Paul said that medicines and vaccines made in our country go all over the world. The whole world is watching how we are trying to prevent the epidemic by using old medicines. Along with this, we are also engaged in research for medicines. There are many medicines and vaccines, which are being worked day and night. Among them, Fairey Oral Madison-Fito, ACQH trial is going on. Apart from Etro Tsunayak, BCG vaccines are also being tested.


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