About one third of the corona patients in the whole world are in America. More than 17 lakhs have been affected by Corona here. New York, New Jersey, California are seeing the highest number of cases.

103,330 people died in America so far
According to the WorldMeter, the number of corona virus patients in America has increased to 17 lakh 68 thousand by Friday morning. At the same time, one lakh 16 thousand people have died. <! –

                 However, four lakh 98 thousand people have also recovered. A total of 6 percent of Corona-infected people have died. While 28 percent people have been cured of this disease.

Trump once again blames China for Corona virus
America ranks first in the list of most affected countries. Now once again, US President Donald Trump has attacked China. Trump has said that the corona virus is the worst gift from China. Trump said, 'We have reached 1 lakh in the death of corona virus. I express my heartfelt sympathy to those families and friends. I give love to those who fought in such times. God be with you
New York City of America has the highest number of 376,309 cases. In New York alone, 29,653 people have died. After this, 11,412 people out of 159,264 corona patients died in New Jersey. In addition, Massachusetts, Illinois have also been the most affected.


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