Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar talked to the migrant laborers and the quarantine center has to be known. He talked to the migrant laborers about the quarantine center in Bihar. Let us tell you that through video conferencing, Nitish Kumar reviewed the inspection of the quarantine center of 20 Balok in 10 districts and spoke to the workers and officials. During the discussion, CM Nitish Kumar inquired about the facilities being provided in the Quarantine Center. Also, what kind of system is there to be known by the people about cleanliness. Talking to the migrant laborers, he has clearly said that now he will not go out of Bihar, stay in Bihar, he will get employment here, do not worry. <! –


When CM Nitish Kumar learned the plight of the workers living in the quarantine, many workers came forward and started speaking. When CM Nitish Kumar asked him that you said that you used to work and what work you did, the workers very fondly mentioned all the work that they had been doing in other states for so long. Many workers said that they used to do tailoring work, some said that they used to do cooking work. The person who was in the area told about his work. The same worker told that they manufacture bricks using the technique of paywall flask and they are also manufacturing it here while staying in quarantine. Knowing this, CM Nitish Kumar was happy and praised him. He also instructed the officers to use these bricks on the banks of river and pond under the tap water scheme.

Let me tell you that now the number of migrant laborers has increased rapidly. On Friday, more than one lakh migrant laborers have arrived in Bihar from 105 trains in the state. In such a situation, the biggest problem facing the Bihar government is how they will give employment to so many people so that they stay in Bihar and do not migrate to other states. However, it has been said by the Bihar government that more than 3 lakh schemes were opened in Bihar so that people could be provided employment. People are being given employment under MNREGA.


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