The Block is allegedly planning to implement a feature that allows users to tip each other from their tweets, according to various news sources.

The news on the subject was given on the basis of two people who knew closely the decisions taken on Twitter, but a spokesman for the Twitter said they do not have such a plan at the moment.

Although some news organizations reported that the social network would bring a bahşiş tip with Bitcoin ”feature, The Information wrote that such a situation is not the case at the moment. It is unclear if Bitcoin will be integrated if Twitter improves this feature.

CEO Jack Dorsey is known to be a Bitcoin supporter. Dorsey once said, “The Internet deserves a natural currency. I hope this is Bitcoin. I am a great supporter of BTC..

Dorsey's other companies, Square and Square Crypto, also play a big role in Bitcoin.

Square's Cash App only sold $ 148 million in Bitcoin in the third quarter of 2019. Square Crypto, on the other hand, is trying to turn Bitcoin into a “widely adopted daily currency”.

Square recently introduced a product manager to add new features to the Cash App, including “automatic investment” and interpersonal “BTC gifts”.


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