New Delhi / Team Digital. BJP's newly elected MLA Vijender Gupta on Saturday wrote a letter to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal, requesting him to withdraw the circular in which the Chief Minister of Delhi (Delhi) As it is mandatory for teachers of government schools to be present at their swearing-in ceremony. <! –


Kejriwal government 3.0 students will get big relief, can travel free in DTC

Demand to withdraw circular from Kejriwal
Gupta, who was the leader of the opposition in the last Assembly of Delhi, called the circular issued on Friday as 'dictatorship' and said that it has 'shattered' his belief that Kejriwal's emphasis on governance and democracy after coming to power Institutions will be strengthened. He said, "Because of this order, 15,000 teachers and officers will have to attend the swearing-in ceremony." Gupta, who was re-elected from Rohini assembly constituency, said he would attend Kejriwal's swearing-in ceremony at Ramlila Maidan on Sunday.

50 people responsible for 'Delhi construction' will share the stage in Kejriwal's swearing-in

Kejriwal deserves to be invited to the ceremony
On Gupta's objection, Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission Vice-President Jasmin Shah said that the teacher and principal are 'craftsmen' of Delhi's change in the last five years and they are 'entitled to be invited' to the swearing-in ceremony. He tweeted, 'When did BJP last think in its development model by keeping teachers at the center? Never thought before, nor will I ever think further. '

The Aam Aadmi Party has made a tremendous return to power by winning 62 seats out of 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly. Kejriwal and his ministers will take oath in a grand ceremony on Sunday.

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Pravesh Verma attacked AAP
BJP MP Pravesh Verma said, 'Teachers should be happy if they come at the swearing in of the government. Forcibly take out government orders and summon them to come, how is this justified? Will the gathering be done at government expense now? The way 'development model' was seen only in newspaper and media advertisements? '

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