Looking at the foot of the old virus in Bihar, the government has now taken a big decision whenever the number of corona positive patients is increasing recently and the workers from outside have come to the state border. Appealed and requested his support in the Coronavirus war.

He has said to give his support to curb the corona in Bihar. Private doctors and para medical personnel have been asked to provide their services, in this case the Health Department has asked to contact DM and civil surgeon.

After seeking service from private doctors, the Health Department has also said that their support and service in this disaster in Bihar will always be remembered. <! –


A large number of doctors is needed to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus from contact with the dense population and people of Bihar, which the government has taken this decision.

At the time of disaster caused by this virus, the doctor service will contribute significantly in making the coronavirus free Bihar.

Source: https://news4nation.com/news/government-said-private-doctors-come-forward-to-fight-corona-in-bihar-the-whole-of-bihar-will-remember-this-cooperation- 315308


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