We all must have heard that saying. In which it is said that Mahanet brings color one day or the other. Today, due to hard work, a brother fulfilled his duty and his sister also supported him well and he is going to become an officer. Wasima Sheikh, who got the third position in the list of women toppers in Maharashtra Public Service Commission, will now become deputy collector. Currently she is working on the post of cell tax. Wasima has faced many problems for her studies.

Wasima's family was not very well. The father is mentally ill. At the same time, the mother works in the farm of others and runs home. And Wasima's brother quit studies and runs a rickshaw due to lack of money. <! –

Let us tell you that Vashima's brother also used to prepare for MPSC. But seeing the family's situation, he quit his studies and started helping in the work of the house. Wasima's brother could not take the exam due to lack of money in the house, since then his studies stopped.

Now Wasima Sheikh said that I have seen poverty and suffering very closely around me, in my family and in my area. On one side was the government and its means, on the other side the poor people. There was a need for a mediator in the middle, I want to be the same mediator.

Source: https://www.bhaskar.com/entertainment/news/actor-govinda-son-yashwardhan-car-accident-in-mumbai-127442956.html?art=next


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