The US ConsenSys released the report “Ethereum by the Numbers-The Year of 2019” on December 11th. This year, we have compiled a report summarizing Ethereum in 2019, which looks back on events that happened in the Ethereum blockchain, statistics on Ethereum, analysis of DeFi [decentralized finance], network activity, etc. in numbers.

Ethereum’s report in 2019 that brought a new wave of innovation and blockchain growth, DeFi brought hundreds of millions of dollars to the Ethereum ecosystem at the beginning, creating over 520 new DApps throughout the year And so on.

Below are excerpts from Ethereum 2019 in numbers.


Over 20 million Ethereum accounts have been created this year. Four million active addresses were generated. As of December 12, the total number of accounts on Ethereum recorded 79,959,987.

In 2019, Ethereum performed three network upgrades. In March, “Constantinople” and “St. Petersburg” were installed simultaneously. In December, “Istanbul” was applied and hard forks were carried out, but all were delayed by several months from the original schedule. The hard fork of “Mua Glacier” is planned at the beginning of 2020.


In 2019, 520 new DApps were released.

Several Ethereum-enabled wallets, such as MetaMask Mobile, Argent, and Coinbase Wallet, have reported the release of a wallet app for mobile over the past year.

Ethereum Name Service [ENS] domain owners purchase 1 to 2 domains on average. Some say they own hundreds of domains. There were over 600,000 auctions in the ENS domain. By the way, ENS domain is a service that replaces Ethereum addresses with domain names.

The longest ENS domain is “Forwhatshallitprofitamanifhegainthewholeworldandsufferthelossofhissoul.eth”.

NFT marketplace OpenSea has auctioned over $ 7 million over two years. In October alone, there were 1.7 million US dollars.

One of Ethereum’s most popular DApps, the blockchain trading card game “Gods Unchained” has issued more than 6,714,445 digital cards as non-replaceable tokens [NFT].


Ethereum, locked by the DeFi project, has increased dramatically over the past year, recently surpassing US $ 650 million. Ethereum is said to be an important asset for DeFi platforms and applications.

Uniswap, which operates as a distributed exchange [DEX] and can exchange different tokens, has 31 users as of January 1, 2019. There was only 30 ETH usage per day. After about a year, there are hundreds of users per day and there are thousands of ETH transactions.


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