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Raigad, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. S.N. Kesari, has urged the district dwellers to protect themselves from dengue disease along with corona virus infection. He has asked to be cautious with dengue-like illness.

Dengue is caused by Aedes mosquito bites. This symptom starts appearing in the patient in about 3 to 5 days. It is not possible to completely eliminate the mosquito that spreads dengue, but it is very important to take care, even in a hot environment, this mosquito stays alive. Symptoms are high fever, headache, headache, pain in the eyes, bleeding from nose and gums, dizziness. Symptoms may appear. <! –


Dengue fever reduces platelet cells in the body, dengue fever affects all parts of the body. Do not be afraid of dengue, if you see such symptoms, contact the doctor immediately and get their advice. To prevent them, do not let mosquitoes thrive, do not let old things break in the roof.

Pay attention to cleanliness around, so that no water remains in the drains. There is an appeal to all the residents in the district, if anyone has a cold, cough and difficulty in breathing, immediately get yourself checked in the nearest government hospital. Follow the instructions of the government, provide administration support in the fight against corona infection. 104 No. for more information. Contact on


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