New Delhi / Team Digital. Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has recently launched a special campaign on social media to bring migrant laborers home. For this, he has also formed a team. This team is working for migrant laborers trapped in Delhi returning to their homes in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. For this, Swara has created a form, which will be helped by migrant laborers after filling it. Filmmaker Ashok Pandit tweeted a sarcasm at Swara regarding this form.

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In his tweet, Ashok Pandit wrote, 'You yourself refused to show paper and now you are asking for others! <! –

                 How can one turn around so soon? Come on, no problem. Better come late! Explain that on the CAA, NRC and NPR issue, Swara had campaigned against the Modi government and appealed everyone not to show the paper. In view of the same, Ashok Pandit sarcastically. Swara did not like this sarcasm.

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In his tweet, he wrote, 'Ashok Uncle! Why do you constantly cyber stock me? Is very creepy & it appears that you are obsessed with me! At your age, all this does not suit. Respect yourself a little! Also, I was against showing paper for NRC-NPR, not for train tickets! #CommonSense '

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Ashok Pandit was struck at the heart by saying Uncle and he also tweeted another, 'Swara Aunty, you do not become small by calling someone Uncle. Such is the habit of urban Naxalites that when they have no answer, then They start making personal attacks! My days have not come so bad that I remain obsessed with you. '

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