Binance appears to have blocked at least one user on orders from Ukrainian authorities. The blocked user claims that he has never executed a crypto currency outside Russia.

The customer whose account has been closed appears on the stock exchange with the username Alexander M. According to the information obtained, the account was frozen as of January 7.

According to the news on the local news site; Alexander was informed that his account was frozen by e-mail.

The email said:

Iz Your account is currently under review by the Ukrainian police. You can contact them on the subject. ”

It is not known why the Ukrainian police are investigating this person. Alexander, a Russian citizen, says he has never executed a crypto currency outside his country. Nevertheless, they cannot reach their stock market birikim tanıy get to know your customer ’checks”.

Alexander believes that his account was frozen recently by the fixed currency Tether (USDT). The user stated that he received some USDT on December 23, and said that he paid in cash to the person who bought it and that he sent USDT to the Binance account.

Alexander learned that his account was frozen, and immediately after that he contacted the person who sent him USDT and said that his account had been frozen for 2 weeks and that the stock exchange had not made a statement to him.

Alexander then applied to the stock exchange customer service department. In the reply from the stock exchange, he asked to take a photo with his face and passport with the letter stating that he wanted to open his account. After all this, Alexander was told that his account was under control and that he would be replied within 30 days.

Gleb Kostarev, the head of Binance Russia, said it was normal for such incidents due to such requests and instructions from the authorities. Kostarev also told the media not to spread the FUD.

* FUD = fear, uncertainty and doubt


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