A lockdown has been announced across the country due to Corona Wire. In such a situation where people were left stranded, now all those people are being brought to their state. Also, after coming here, they are being quarantined so that the corona virus does not spread to others. A youth at a quarantine center in Buxar, Bihar, is troubling everyone. The cook is the most upset by this young man. It has also become difficult to eat a full stomach at this quarantine center.

That young man has surprised people with his food. A person gets tired of laughing after seeing him eating, while the rasayas are tired of feeding this young man with food. <! –

                 That young man alone eats ten people. He eats several plates of rice and 40 rotis during the day. If you get litti at night, then it eats more than 80. The name of this young man is Anup Ojha who is currently living in Manjwari Quarantine Center in Buxar District and will probably be asked to go to the Quarantine Center today.

From the companion living in the quarantine center to Anup's food. The officials are also worried. When officials asked about the reduction in food ration at the quarantine center, people told that a gourmet has arrived here. He is eating ten people at a time. When the officer did not believe this, he stopped and went to see him at the time of his meal, and after that when he saw his dose, he was stunned.

Ajay Kumar Singh, Simori's BDO, said that Anoop eats 40 rotis in breakfast. He also said that the cook refused to make so much bread.

Source: https://www.jagran.com/bihar/patna-city-people-astonished-to-see-quarantine-hunger-of-bihar-21-years-old-youth-eats-20-breads-80- littis-one-time-20319761.html Qu


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