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Shell Recharge Solutions Is Taking Over Greenlots

Greenlots, an Electric Vehicle charging solution acquired by the Shell Oil Company in the year 2019, has revealed that it would be renamed Shell Recharge Solutions in the next months. Shell is combining the names Greenlots and NewMotion under the new moniker to create a single brand identity for its regional Electric Vehicle charging services. This, according to the corporation, will aid in the delivery of lower-carbon transportation to its clients.

Shell Recharge Solutions, as it is now known, intends to continue to support North America’s electric revolution, and the firm claims to have already assisted cities in expanding their Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. Los Angeles, Houston, Vancouver, are among these cities. Electrification efforts with Volvo and Penske Trucks via Volvo LIGHTS are also helping medium- and heavy-duty fleets, according to the business. It’s also collaborating with other private and public entities to help them expand their electrified transportation networks.

Shell recently announced the creation of a bi-lateral roaming network, which will provide customers access to more than 57,000 charging stations across the United States and Canada this year. Shell Recharge Solutions, a newly founded company, intends to offer Shell Recharge-branded hardware and software to consumers and enterprises.

As of now, Greenlots are not going to be rebranded in Asia. This is due to local market-specific business requirements. NewMotion is going to be Shell EV Charging Solutions Europe in Europe, and Greenlots will be Shell EV Charging Solutions Americas in America. Shell claims to be the world’s largest mobility retailer, with more than 46,000 retail locations, and that it deploys a charge port every 20 minutes. It intends to reach 500,000 charging stations by the year 2025 and 2,500,000 by the year 2030.

Shell also mentioned its Zaltbommel battery-propelled EV charging point as an example of previous projects on which Shell, Greenlots, and NewMotion collaborated. According to Zaltbomel, energy storage allows for ultra-fast charging without any need for grid modifications.

Greenlots’ CEO, Andreas Lips, commented on the company’s vision in light of the news: “Our name is shifting, but our vision to reduce carbon emissions is more dedicated than ever.” We have big goals, and as Shell Recharge Solutions, we’ll bring together our three businesses’ expertise to offer more customers smart EV charging solutions offered through a uniform brand experience.”

“The forthcoming brand change is going to help Shell shift our electric charging capacity and provide from local to global,” said Roger Hunter, who serves as the Vice President of Shell Electric Mobility. “We will unify our people, our brand, and our capabilities across Asia, Europe, and North America, making sure we are ideally positioned to provide our clients with the Electric Vehicle Charging alternatives they need.”

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